Passport Photo

10 years of professional experience made us so confident in our product that we offer a full money back guarantee!

We offer 10 years of professional experience and we are so confident in our product that we offer a full money back guarantee! If your passport photo gets rejected for any reason, we will give you a full refund and even take another passport photo for you for free. To top it all off, we offer the lowest pricing for passport pictures in all of Hamilton!


We specialize in all passport and identification pictures:


  • Canadian Passport
  • US Passport
  • Indian Passport
  • Pakistani Passport
  • Canadian PR
  • US Visa
  • UAE Visa
  • Security License
  • Gun License
  • If your picture is not listed here don’t worry, just tell us the size and specifications and we can take the picture for you

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I get my picture taken?
Pictures can be taken anytime during our hours of operation.
How long does it take?
It takes a minute to take the picture and a few minutes to have it ready. You can be in and out of the store in less than 10 minutes!
What should I wear?
White tops and light coloured tops are not recommended. The passport office requires sufficient contrast between you and the white background. Head coverings except those worn for religious reasons are not allowed. Head coverings should also be dark-coloured to provide sufficient contrast. No hats, ball caps or sunglasses in the hair! Please also avoid large and reflective jewelry and earrings
Can I wear my glasses?
We do not recommend that you wear eyeglasses for your passport photos. The passport office will reject a photo for the slightest reflection or glare, even on the frame or rim of your eyeglasses.
Do you take baby passport photos?
Yes, we are family friendly! We take passport and visa photos for children and babies. Please allow extra time because taking photos of babies can be challenging.
What other services do you provide?
We provide photos for Firearm Permits, Work Permits, Security Guard Licenses, Medical Marijuana, Correctional Services, International Driver Permits, US Passports and much more!